Ford DECA chapter plans to light up the school with autism awareness
Ford DECA chapter shines the light on autism awareness
Posted on 02/11/2017
Students placing light bulbs on a poster

Students in the Henry Ford II DECA chapter are hoping to shed light on a disorder that is impacting one out of every 110 children in the United States.

 Three students in Henry Ford II’s chapter have created a schoolwide project that hopes to create awareness among children with autism.

 "Another student may have autism and it may not be something that you can recognize right away," said senior Natalie Bielecki. "We want to provide students with the correct information so they treat those who are different with respect and acceptance."

 Bielecki, Polina Stoppa and Sawyer Steelman have created a project called Lighting the Way 4 Autism that promotes awareness through an on-line survey they are asking their classmates to complete.

 "We just felt that a lot of students were not aware of the struggles that a person with autism faces," Stoppa said.

 Ford II students who complete the survey will have their names on a different color light bulb cutout placed on posters in the cafeteria.

The survey include a series of true of Fflse questions about autism's symptoms or statistics.

While the project was initiated as a public relations project for their DECA chapter, the goal has become much more to the students.

 "It makes you feel good to be involved in something that is making such a difference and helping other students," Stoppa said.