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Michigan School Counselor of the Year awarded to Catherine Livingston
Michigan School Counselor of the Year awarded to Catherine Livingston
Posted on 11/23/2021

For Catherine Livinston, a school counselor job can often be best compared to that of a rubber band.

“Just like a rubber band, we are strong, solid, flexible, resistant and hold things together,” said Livingston, who this month was honored as the  2022 Michigan School Counselor of the Year by the Michigan School Counselor Association (MSCA).

MSCA president Terri Tchorzynsk said Livingston earned the honor by building connections among students in school and the community.

“She has created collaboration for her students that didn’t even know existed,” Tchorzynsk said.

In accepting the honor, Livingston used the rubber band analogy by equating its characteristics as the same as the school counselor.

Counselors, she said are:

  • Strong and solid – “We know we can withstand whatever is given to us.”
  • Made to hold things together – “We hold our students together. We hold our faculty together.”
  • Elastic – “Elastic – We are pulled in many ways. As we are pulled, we are still doing our jobs.
  • Resilient. “We will always come back the next day.”
  • Flexible – “We have to stretch ourselves to be effective.”

Livingston, who has served as a counselor for 22 years, is certified as a professional counselor, serves on many state and community student mental health boards, and has presented at multiple state conferences on youth mental health and suicide prevention.