Henry Ford II students are a fast track for FAFSA
Henry Ford II students are a fast track for FAFSA
Posted on 10/28/2016
Student wearing a Central Michigan University sweatshirt signs that she has been accepted to collegeBe prepared. Start early. Stay with it.

That is the advice Henry Ford II students are sharing after being encouraged by their school to get an early start on applying for  their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 

“The year goes by pretty quick and it will sneak up on you,” said senior Jugan Ghuman.

This year, Henry Ford II students were being encouraged to take advantage of the window to apply for FAFSA opening in October - three months earlier than in the past. 

To encourage more students to apply early, Henry Ford II sponsored a College Week that gave visible recognition for students who applied early for FAFSA and college. 

“Some students may feel that college is not financially attainable, and we want them to know that completing the FAFSA opens to the doors to potential scholarships, grants and loans that they are eligible to receive,” said counselor Bettye Ann Kittle. 

In the commons, the school placed a symbolic thermometer that indicated the percentage of students who filed their FAFSA forms. Students also signed posters that indicated which colleges they have applied to and been accepted. 

Students credited all of their K-12 schools for helping them focus  on the importance of post-secondary education, with some remembering elementary discussions about the topic. 

The discussions stressed everything from exploring careers, maintaining a strong academic record to preparing for ACT and SATs. 

“Education makes the difference,” said senior David Hanna, who plans to attend Macomb Community College before transferring to the University of Michigan.