If students build it, they will come
If Henry Ford II Students Build It, They Will Come
Posted on 07/08/2016
Helmet Rack

Henry Ford II high school students are building their own little part of baseball history.

Career and Technical students have designed and are building the bat and helmet racks that are going to be used at the new Jimmy John’s field in downtown Utica.

The field, opening Memorial Day weekend , will serve as region's first independent baseball league.

“The students' work is amazing,” said Brian Berryman, the executive director of baseball operations. “I shared their work with some of the trades’ teams working on the stadium and they were blown away.”

Students in CAD/CAM classes designed the new helmet and bat racks, which will be installed in both home and visitor dug outs.

Construction Trades students are following the designs to build the racks, which will be in place prior to the League’s May 30 opener between the Utica Unicorns and the Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers.

Teacher Chris Davis said barring the need for new coats of paint, the helmet and bat racks should be a permanent fixture at the ball park.

Senior Andrew Ings, who plans to become an electrician, has been part of the project from design to construction.

“it’s a great feeling to know your work is going to be used,” he said.