UCS graduate honors 2010 pledge to help others through technology
UCS graduate honors 2010 pledge to help others through technology
Nicole Black and two other researchers with sign that says "Pion Ear"In 2010, Nicole Black wrote about her life’s goals as she was preparing to graduate from Henry Ford II:

“The journey I plan to take involves realizing the potential of leaving the world in a better condition than it was in when I arrived. One day, I hope to impact the lives of billions by leading a team of researchers in working towards the advancement of both medical and agricultural genetics.”

Only eight short years later, Black – a Ph.D. candidate at Harvey University – is making this goal a reality.

A recent article on the Harvard University website shares a project by Black and a team of researchers called “Pion Ear.”

Through the research, the team is  using material science technology to address a common childhood illness of chronic and painful infections that occur through a lack of draining. 

Black and her colleagues are designing ear tubes that can be implanted to resist clogging and improve drug delivery to the middle ear.

In the article, the team states: “We truly believe that we can bring a real product to patients, a product that could help children and millions of parents. The opportunity to solve this problem is very inspirational.”

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