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Counseling FAQs


What do counselors do?
 Counselors help students with a variety of concerns. We help primarily with:
◦Academic and Scheduling Concerns
◦Personal and Social Concerns
◦College and Career Concerns

If you have a question or concern, and don't know who to contact at school, feel free to start with your counselor. We will either help or point you in the right direction.

How are counselors assigned?
 Students are assigned to counselors alphabetically, according to the first letter of the last name. Each counselor assists a caseload of approximately 450 students in grades 9-12. We make every effort to keep students with the same counselor during all four years of high school.

How do I sign up to see my counselor?
 It's easy! Just stop by the Counseling Center front desk and locate, according to your last name, the clipboard with your counselor's sign up sheet. Counselors get sign up sheets at the end of each day and will make every effort to call you down the following day, or sooner if time permits Students with an emergency or pressing concern should notify the Counseling Center secretaries that they need to see a counselor immediately.

How do I get a copy of my transcript?
 Our school district has joined forces with Naviance to bring you Secure Transcript™- the safe, paperless way to send transcripts directly to the colleges you choose. It is easy, secure and available 24/7. Within the student's account Naviance will notify when a transcript has been sent to a college or university.

Here is how it works: 
• Sign Up: Find the Secure Transcript™ link on your school’s website or simply go to Fill in the requested personal information, including your email address. You must set up an account before requesting a transcript.
For students requesting paper transcripts for a scholarship or other reason, Mrs. Cusumano, our Counseling Center secretary can assist you.  Feel free to stop by the Counseling Center and request one.

How do I go about making a homework request?
 If your son or daughter has been absent for three or more days due to illness, you can request homework by emailing their teachers through the Parent Portal.  If you need to pick something up, it will be available in the Counseling Center.

When is the next ACT/SAT and how do I register?
 All test registration is done though the web. 
 To register for the ACT, go to  Dates and test locations are available as well as practice ACT tests and other important information.
 To register for the SAT, go to and select SAT.  Dates and test locations are available as well as sample test questions and other important information.

Where do I get a work permit?
 The secretary at the first desk in the front office, can help you with a work permit.

How do I sign up for driver's training?
 Unfortunately, Utica Community Schools no longer offers or sponsors any type of driver's training program. Brochures from various private companies are available in the front office. Just ask the secretary at the first desk in the front office, for help.

What should I do if I do not receive my child's progress report or report card?
 As of this year, progress reports and report cards are accessible online through Parent Portal.  If you do not have an account please contact the Principal's secretary at 586-797-1615.  Any financial obligations can be found on the Parent Portal as well.  Click on the $ to view your child’s balance.