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Testing Information
Test Name 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
PSAT 8/9      
PSAT 10      

Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT)

This test provides students and schools with information about the extent to which students have acquired verbal, writing and mathematical skills that they will need to do well in college courses. This test also enables students to experience the same kinds of questions they can expect on the SAT I college admissions tests.
*Note: Only 11th grade PSAT-NMSQT scores can qualify a student for a National Merit Scholarship.

Testing Month: October or April
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Michigan Merit Exam (MME)

All juniors will be required to take the MME, which has replaced the Michigan Education Assessment Program (MEAP). On day one of testing, each junior will take the SAT plus writing. The ACT/SAT is a requirement for students applying for admission to any four-year college or university. On day two of testing, each junior will take the WorkKeys assessment, which will test them on employability skills such as reading for information, and applied mathematics. They will also take a Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress in Science and Social Stuides online during the spring testing window. 

American College Test (ACT)

A college admissions test of educational development in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Natural Sciences, and Writing - ACT is a curriculum-based test. ACT is intended to supplement the high school record and other information about the student in assessing readiness for college level work. This test is required for all students anticipating acceptance into a 4-year college program directly out of high school.
NOTE: The ACT is accepted by all Michigan colleges and universities and is the entry test for the Michigan Competitive Scholarship Program.

Testing Month: March
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Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

SAT I is an objective standardized college admissions test that measures verbal and mathematical reasoning abilities as well as writing skills related to successful performance in college. The intention of this test is to supplement the high school record and other information about the student in assessing readiness for college level work.
SAT II (subject tests) is designed to measure student’s knowledge and skills in particular subject areas, as well as their ability to apply that knowledge. Some colleges use the subject tests for admissions or course replacement. The subject test falls into five general categories English, History, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and Languages. Students are recommended to contact the college of their choice to see if any of these tests are necessary for admissions.

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Advanced Placement Program (AP)

Advance placement tests give students the opportunity to receive credit before entering college. Ford High School offers examinations on introductory college courses in following fields: Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, French, German, Government and Politics, History, Calculus, Physics, and Spanish. In July, the grades are sent to the students, and their designated colleges. The grades are based on a 5-point scale: (5) extremely well qualified; (4) well qualified; (3) qualified; (2) possibly qualified or (1) no recommendation. Each individual university will determine credit.
*Note: students must register for AP exams and will receive information regarding time and location of each exam in March or April.

Testing Month: May
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Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition (MMPC)

A statewide mathematics competition, which identifies, recognizes, and promotes a wider interest in math for those students who possess strong math abilities. Scholarship prizes are awarded based on performance. Awards are restricted to undergraduate education.

Testing Month: Part one in October, Part two in December